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How does B2B wholesaling compare to B2C wholesaling?

B2B (business-to-business) wholesaling and B2C (business-to-consumer) wholesaling have some similarities, but there are also some key differences. Here are some of the ways B2B wholesaling compares to B2C wholesaling:

Target Market

  • B2B businesses target wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors, while B2C only targets retailers[2].
  • B2B customers usually represent a collective, while B2C customers are individual consumers[2].

Sales Volume

  • B2B transactions typically involve larger volumes of goods sold at lower prices, while B2C transactions involve smaller volumes of goods sold at higher prices[2].
  • B2B sales have the potential to bring significant revenue streams, while B2C sales are often more sporadic[3].


  • B2B customers often order large quantities over a long period and need a reasonable wholesale price, which requires careful calculation to maximize profitability[2].
  • B2C customers do not often make a purchase decision at your store, and their prices are often higher than wholesale prices[2].

Delivery Fulfillment

  • B2B customers often pay close attention to the delivery service quality and order tracking when all the goods need to be delivered on time[2].
  • B2C customers may not be as concerned with delivery fulfillment as B2B customers[2].


  • B2B marketing is often more focused on building relationships and providing value to customers, while B2C marketing is often more focused on creating emotional connections with individual consumers[5].
  • B2B marketing often involves more personalized and targeted messaging, while B2C marketing often involves broader messaging to appeal to a wider audience[5].

In summary, B2B wholesaling and B2C wholesaling have some similarities, but there are also key differences in target market, sales volume, pricing, delivery fulfillment, and marketing. Understanding these differences is important for businesses to determine which model is best suited for their needs and goals.


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