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Wholesale IN119 – Multi-Tweed Armchair

Wholesale IN119 – Multi-Tweed Armchair at Trade Prices from Global Vision Company one of the Leading Wholesalers and Manufacturers offering unique handmade furniture.

Product Boxed
Height 80 cm 90 cm
Width 70 cm 80 cm
Depth 65 cm 75 cm
Volume -- 0.54 Cubic Meters
Weight 14 Kg 16.2 Kg
IN119 – Multi-Tweed Armchair exclusively for customers intent on purchasing full wholesale container loads for export purposes.
Disclaimer: All Wholesale IN119 – Multi-Tweed Armchair prices visible on the screen are applicable on buying a 40ft container. If you opt for a 20ft container, prices will increase by up to 15%
Product Boxed
Height 31.5 In 35.43 In
Width 27.56 In 31.5 In
Depth 25.59 In 29.53 In
Volume -- 0.54 Cubic Meters
Weight 30.86 lb 35.71 lb

IN119 – Multi-Tweed Armchair Compliance

Timber Compliances:
This product is made using sustainable resources under certified commercial plantation programme.
Environmental Compliances:
This product complies with the eco friendly treatment as the pest control used on the timber is environmental safe, this is called Biflex.
Packaging Compliances:
Packaging Compliances: As part of UK’s Waste Packaging Regulations, this product has a waste packaging component of 2.2 KG (Box weight 16.2 KG minus product weight 14 KG.
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