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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Topics

Our Business Model

Q What does Global Vision do?
Q Do you sell to the public?
Q Who designs your furniture?
Q Why should I subscribe to your newsletter?
Q Where can I see your furniture?
Q Do you offer exclusivity for products or country?
Q Why can't I see the prices?
Q Do you visit or exhibit in the trade shows?
Q Do you offer "sale or return" facility?
Q Do you offer "drop shipment" facility?
Q What are your delivery timelines?
Q Do you offer clearance sale or stock lots?
Q Do you offer credit on furniture?
Q What is your deposit policy?
Q Why don't you stock your lovely furniture pieces in UK?


Q What is a Collection?
Q What is a featured product?
Q Is your timber legally sourced?
Q Are your upholstered furniture UK laws compliant?
Q Do you offer specialized packaging?
Q How do you pack your furniture?
Q How do you label your furniture?
Q Do you offer a trade discount?
Q Can you make bespoke design furniture pieces?
Q What is a star rating on every collection?
Q Do you offer fabric and wood swatch service?
Q Can we mix products from different collections?


Q How to place an order?
Q Why do I pay a deposit and the remaining balance, even before we receive the goods?
Q How can I pay?
Q Can I change my order after I’ve placed it?
Q What currency choice do you offer?
Q I would like to cancel my order. What should I do?
Q What is a customer account?
Q What is your minimum order quantity?
Q What is your minimum order value?
Q How long does it take to activate 'my account'?
Q Why my customer account request got rejected?
Q Why do you need my VAT number?
Q What if I don't have a VAT number?
Q What is a shuttle service?
Q What is a Full container order?
Q What is a part container order?
Q What is a Performa Invoice?
Q What is a packing list?
Q How do you assign the buyer code? What does it signifies?
Q What is a ‘Product Worksheet’?
Q What is the production lead time?

Shipping & Delivery

Q What are the delivery terms?
Q How is the delivery cost calculated?
Q What if I wish to use my own shipping and delivery agents?
Q Who pays the VAT or customs duty?
Q What all countries do you ship?
Q Can I delay the delivery of my order?
Q Can I choose delivery date and time?
Q Do you offer the fumigation certificate?

Returns & Delays

Q What is you stance regarding damaged or defective furniture?
Q What is your policy if my order is delayed?

Product Care

Q What’s the best way to look after the wooden furniture?
Q What’s the best way to look after the upholstered furniture?
Q What’s the best way to look after the Leather furniture?