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Direct Containers 

We are by far the most 'authentic' and 'direct’ source of supply of furniture to the trade. We ship containers to all business destinations worldwide. All orders are shipped from our own factory complex in Jaipur, Rajasthan in India. Generally the core concept of direct containers is widely misunderstood or misrepresented. The below article simplifies and outline the cost benefit analysis of the direct container programme. 

What is a Direct Container- A direct container is an order shipped directly by our factory to your worldwide business premises. Furniture is neither being stored nor physically processed in the UK. However product research, conceptualisation, design prototypes including invoicing and banking are undertaken in Britain. 

Benefits of Direct Container- Lets bullet point the important benefits of importing direct container from the factory. 

You benefit the most on the pricing front by cutting out wholesalers, distributors and stockists. 

You can mix and match from a variety of products covering over a dozen furniture 'collections' and 400+ furniture designs. 

You have the flexibility to customise your order on various parameters like design, timber, texture, finishing choices, and leather and fabric choices including various options for accessories. 

Furniture is delivered to your doorstep without worrying about the cumbersome importation procedures and documentation. 

Single point of contact from order to delivery and entire process is trackable using state of the art online tracking system. 

You pay a pre-agreed amount for your order thereby eliminating currency or haulage charges fluctuation / risk; if you envisage, on your own, a shipment directly from an overseas factory. 

All certifications from timber legality to fire & safety test are made available before the delivery of the order. 

You can plan marketing and business promotion of your ordered furniture well in advance. 

And the Limitations - You need to plan your inventory in advance to avoid last minute requirements as order to delivery typically takes around 12 weeks. 

As you thoroughly enjoy the cost & customisation benefits associated with our direct container programme, do bear in mind that you might come across a very small percentage of minor dents, scratches, accidental breakages or splits. This must be viewed holistically and taken in your stride as part of a trade off between the benefits of a direct container programme and the importation constrains.