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Post traumatic arthritis treatment

Although initial Post Traumatic Arthritis treatments are usually conservative, they are often surprisingly effective. Treatment often begins with healthy weight management and physical therapy. Customized low impact exercise is also helpful as it strengthens the muscles around the affected joint. To combat everyday pain and inflammation our Milwaukee foot specialists may recommend anti-inflammatory medication (INSAID drugs). If you’re already taking these please use caution as some of these drugs have adverse side effects like stomach problems, kidney difficulties or liver problems.

For more serious cases, initial post traumatic arthritis treatment may include cortisone injections to the joint, which is akin to having an artificial joint lubricant. Cortisone injections are not a cure for Post Traumatic Arthritis, but, in the short term, they can make you more comfortable and more mobile.

All of the above treatments provide some degree of relief. However, given time, Post Traumatic Arthritis symptoms may worsen to the point where surgery is necessary. The key to PTA surgery is to improve the joint to as close to healthy condition as possible. Most surgical procedures for Post Traumatic Arthritis are quite successful, resulting in less pain and increased function.

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