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We encourage you to bring your designs, fabric & finishes on-board todesign & develop the product for commercial production. This will aid you in selling the products you are more comfortable with – in terms of design & looks. Further, you can also modify the existing product designs to suit your requirements.  

We also offer you an option to customize the existing products by opting from our basket of 50+ fabric & leather & 25+ finishing choices. What’s more you can even choose your own hardware or opt for a preferred texture on the wood surface or embossing work.   

In short, we allow you the following options to customize your products -  

  •     Bring over your own designs for commercial production
  •     A wide choice of fabric & leather  
  •     An array of choice of finish on wooden furniture.
  •     Choice of hardware to suit your individual taste.  
  •     Choice of texture or embossing on the wood surface.

For more details, refer to the indoor customization page by clicking on the link here.

While we encourage & aim to incorporate all the modifications to customize your order; we at times are constrained to accept few changes due to a variety of reasons ranging from production constraints to commercial viability.